Sunday, April 10, 2011

Hey all! I'm sorry I have been so busy lately and I haven't been blogging... A few things have been happening...

First of all, I was chosen as a new Great Expectations Instructor Intern... so, if I make it through this week then I will be chosen as a new GE instructor. I went to my first training day yesterday and it was so exciting. This year the theme is "Children of Poverty" and we got to hear the wonderful speaker, Dr. George Henderson. It was very eye opening. One of my favorite quotes that he said was, "Find the gems in your class, dust them off with a great education, and allow them to shine!" He also said that there are many gems that never get dusted off and we as teachers are responsible for dusting them off.

Secondly, my district has been going through major changes and there were quite a few teachers who last their job on Friday. Yes, there is a chance that they could get re-hired back but it is just scary. I was blessed enough to have taken my ESL certification test right after spring break and that is what saved me. Keep praying for the teachers in Texas, especially those of us on probationary contracts.

Lastly, TAKS is coming up and we have been busy preparing for it.

SO, No worries, life will get a little less crazy in about 3 weeks.... I will be busy updating stuff from my classroom then...

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