Saturday, February 5, 2011

Long live Humphrey, our class guinea pig

So, today is Saturday of the longest week ever. Day 5, snow day, to be exact. Since I grew up in the same district that I teach in now, I can't remember Keller EVER canceling 4 days of school in a row. I have tried to be productive this week but it is hard since I didn't ever anticipate being gone from school the entire week. Therefore, I left my papers to be graded, books, school computer, and last but certainly not least our classroom pet- Humphrey, the guinea pig- all up at school. 

Poor Poor Humphrey. I can only imagine what has happened to him... I feel like they should arrest me for animal cruelty or something, however, as my boyfriend pointed out when I was about to have a break down, there would have been absolutely no way to drive 25 minutes on the thick sheet of ice that blanketed the metroplex. It's devastating because I know that when my 4th grade friends come on Monday they will be looking for our cute, squealing, hay-eating, chubby guinea pig and I can only hope and pray that he is still with us.  

Matt and I are going to brave the lingering ice to try and make it up to school today. Please hope and pray that Humphrey is not in guinea pig heaven. 

So for now, I'm out. Peace, love, and teaching. 

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