Wednesday, February 9, 2011

We made podcasts!!

(I wrote this yesterday but it didn't post for some reason...)

I hope everyone is having a wonderful day... I am just praying for NO snow tomorrow. While other teachers are doing the snow dance on the roof of the school, I keep thinking about the fact that we have 15 school days until the writing TAKS. I have been told to try and refrain from stating the number of days but that is what keeps flashing in my head like an annoying blinking neon sign. What has our testing done to us teachers???

Well, on a lighter note... I wanted to share with you all the podcasts that we made for our Alamo unit. Each student had to write a speech from the viewpoint of a Texas soldier (my GT students did it from the viewpoint of a Mexican soldier). They had to prepare their speech with at least 5 facts and their feelings of being there. Then they had to practice their speeches with expression, eye contact, and proper fluency. Lastly, they had to give their speech to the class. While they did this, I recorded their speeches on my handy dandy iPhone to put on a podcast for the parents and other people to listen to. The students LOVED it and they thought it was so cool that they could go online and get their speeches on iTunes.

I thought I might share the link with you so you could hear some of the speeches. There are 2 ways to get there... You can either go through the website and listen to the speeches on there. OR you can download them off iTunes by following these instructions...

      Go to iTunes
-          Click on ‘advanced’ drop down menu at the top
-          Click on ‘subscribe to podcast’;
-          A box will pop up… in that box type-
-          Then this should open in your podcast tab on the left.
-          Press ‘get’ to whatever speech you would like or ‘get all’ if you would like to listen to them all.
-          Enjoy!
Peace. love. Teaching.

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